Great Gadgets


You, and the rest of the known world love popcorn (or at least live with someone who does…) Did you know that there is a contraption that will pop fresh popcorn and melt delicious buttery topping all in one step right in your microwave? Now we aren’t talking about that bag folded like a paper bill you got in the mail. You know the ones that turn popcorn into yellow dye-colored ‘butter-ish’ flavored popcorn?  

This is a glass container that can be filled with whole kernel corn and then microwaved with or without the use of oil/butter. Like extra butter on your popcorn? Perfect, the silicone lid serves as both a kernel measurer and butter melter–simply put a dab of butter on the lid while the popcorn is popping. Popcorn customized however you like it: healthy with just a dash of salt or loaded with butter like you just left the concession line at the movie theater.  Yes, please. Check it out on